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Welcome, this site is a collection of my images. Most of them are from my home town of London, UK, others are taken on trips around Europe and or destinations further afield. I have now left the UK behind and currently live in the beautiful Saxon valley of Dresden, Germany. Browse through and please leave a comment… Mike Golding

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A seldom seen side of London Docklands… the light and reflections are just amazing.
Being a regular photographer at this bridge and regularly standing with my back to the traffic in the road, the...
The famous Warehouse City of Hamburg, the largest single group of warehouses in the world.
Dresden’s magnificent monument, The Church of Our Ladies. This church is to Dresden what St. Paul’s is to London.
Sunrise over the Japanese Palais and Marien Brücke when the city sleeps.
Off balance, Tower bridge vs The Shard… The composition is a result of an empty night sky and a desire...
The amazing St Paul’s Cathedral reflected. A luckily deserted evening for this part of London.
This is a sunrise from January but I looked back and thought this was well worth posting before it gets...


This mornings Sunrise over Dresden. Shot with a 10 stop and 0.9 grad filter.
A shot from this mornings sunrise over Dresden, Germany. Spring has sprung.
The lights in London are simply incredible, if we couldn’t capture it nobody would believe us.
The Charles Bridge at 4:56 to be exact. It is such a beautiful place but at this time it is...
Söll, Austria. It is fairly dark here but not exactly ideal, and in addition it was almost a full moon...
Good morning Dresden… a wonderful sunset over the city, such a great colour in the sky.
London waits for nobody. This is exactly how it feels to stand still and watch London pass you by. This...
In complete deliberate contrast to yesterday serene and pastel beauty of a quiet sunrise, TO THIS. Anything but quiet, anything...
Captured at Sunrise along the Elbe in Dresden, it was a most beautiful sky that at its height was incredibly...
The Blue Wonder Bridge to the East of Dresden, at some point in its life one of the biggest of...
After hailing the cab in yesterdays image, we took The Best Cab Ride Ever.
Hailing a cab in London at the weekend at St. Pauls in the city centre of London.
Shot on my iPhone this morning while capturing the magnificent sunrise over the Blue Wonder bridge.
A walker in the snow at sunset in Altenberg, Germany.
The dramatic sunrise over the royal Zwinger in the centre of old Dresden. A magnificent structure, restored to perfection. This...
Cityscape from a well photographed position on Marien Brücke. A beautiful cityscape of a beautiful city !
A slight break from the snow pics for something slightly different. This is the one of the entranceways to the...

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