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There?s Beauty in t

This picture epitomises a belief that has dominated much of my picture taking recently. It?s not to do with the picture par se, it?s to do with the message it conveys. In the bottom right of this picture you can see a message stencilled onto the wall, it says “There?s beauty in the squalor”, it takes a certain amount of leap in vision and understanding to comprehend rather than dismiss a statement like that, but the beauty is there. Probably my favourite site for these sorts of “observations” is Making Happy, you should visit if you haven?t already. It?s one thing that makes photo blogging so interesting, personal observations of what might otherwise be considered mundane. sadly this is the same reason why photography in photblogs is not given the respect it deserves. it?s just a matter of time.

I actually took this picture a few weeks ago and was not sure about the dark shadow that is thrown across it. I was planning to go back and take another picture before I posted it. But when I went back the ever changing face of graffiti meant it was gone, replaced by a magnificent spray can mural of a woman’s face in bright blue and orange. But the message is captured for posterity, it?s here for all to see, never forget, there?s beauty in the squalor!

There?s Beauty in t

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