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Year: 2004

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Tiles, Paint and Stencils

Pubs in the East End of London used be tiled on the outside, quite often a Victorian bottle green colour,...

Night Bus

People queuing in the rain for a bus on their way home. This picture was taken at Victoria Station in...

South Bank

This picture is taken facing west down the Thames under Blackfriars Bridge on the South Bank.

Flowers in the Window


Line of Sight

Taken at the Tate Modern, this is the vast Turbine Hall which feels strangely empty now the brilliant sun from...

Oil and Leaves

A typical Autumn inner city scene. A puddle on tarmac filled with motor oil and fallen leaves. I took this...

Catharine Wheel



Business men or gangsters?

Red or Black

London now has Red and Black telephone boxes, I don?t know why. I guess they got fed up betting on...

Against The Grain

Graffiti on wood.

Captive Planet

I took this picture a week or so ago, although when I took it I liked the patterns and lines...

Autumn Wall (Pt 2)

Autumn Wall (Pt1)

I managed by chance to find this wall yesterday, the moss and leaves make for some nice colours and textures....


New Beginnings

Leaves and Light

I?m having another themed week this week, this week is “Autumn”. It?s a dangerous one for me because even though...

Mosaic Sky

Bridge Too Far

I have one more “sky” picture to post this week after this one. Here is another sunset this time without...

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