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Year: 2007

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Merry Christmas… and a happy New Year… I’m now closed here until January 2008. Thank you all for visiting this...


Merry Christmas all, have a good day tomorrow.


Taken in Dresden, Germany, January 2007.

Sky Worship

Down the Hatch

Taken on the 26th July 2007 at the start of a road trip to Germany. This is actually an engineering...

Life Ever Changing

This is the sister image to “Life Never Ending” posted last year.

The Calling

I’m posting this image today as part of a tribute to our latest release on our record label B12 Records....

Small World

The Golden Path

Taken in October in London. Even though London didn’t really see much sun when we wanted it, i.e. in the...

To Mike

It’s my Birthday Today… One year older… One year wiser… One year happier… One year smarter… One year busier… One...


Lines of Communication

Taken in July 2007, cables at the Channel Tunnel Terminal in France.

Flying Visit

So here we are in December… the year is almost over without a real summer, at least here in the...

Coming to Life

Man vs the Gods

Another picture of London’s Docks at sunset. This is actually a coincidence rather than a planned event 😉 Yesterday’s picture...

Industrious Beauty

Shot at St Saviour’s Dock amongst the crowded quay sides of “Shad Thames“, an area which is packed full, almost...

Steadying Influence

Blue Scene

Testing out the 40D for night shots. I used the Live View to check the framing on this one before...

The Heist

View Point

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