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Orange Burst

Today’s colour as you can see is orange… it’s a little bit easier to guess what this might be…

AS for the shot itself, it was set up using the live-view mode of the 40D. And while I think the live view is very limited for everyday photography — in fact pretty useless I would say for anything without a tripod as in live-view mode auto focus does not work — what it is superb for is macro photography with a tripod. In the past I have found macro photography with a tripod to be quite cumbersome, slow and difficult to find interesting angles, resulting in me opting for hand-held with manual focus for more fluidity. However, the down side is that you can’t use smaller apertures and the likelihood of blur with a 100mm lens is very high. With live-view things are very different, it can be used handheld with manual focus, however it comes into it’s own when you use a tripod and make use of it’s 5x and 10x zoom facility to check focus. In addition it’s possible to switch on a live histogram, which when you get used to it is an amazing tool, and if that was not enough it’s also possible to enable exposure simulation to see an approximation of the brightness of the final picture.

Personally, I think it would be difficult to be without live-view now I have it, it allows me to improve my macro shots by checking focus in x10 mode and to be sure, far more than before, that what I’m taking will be as good on a big screen as it looks on the camera.

Live-view has long way to go, in essence this is version 1, I am sure auto focus will come, and flip-out screens and depth-of-field simulation and panorama overlays would be a nice touch so you can see the previous image as you shoot the next. Anyway more live-view shots in the coming days.

Orange Burst

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CameraCanon EOS 40D - 1/6s F2.8 ISO-100 100mm



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