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Smoke Screen

Fireworks for the Chinese New Year in London were held once an hour for 5 hours between 2pm and 6pm in Leicester Square. The result was deafening and choking, as you can see 😉 It was intriguing to think what we would be able to see considering we were at the 2pm show. What I didn’t anticipate was the huge volume of smoke and how that made an amazing effect in the bright sunlight.

So initially the camera was in the bag… fireworks are impossible to shoot without a tripod and even then it not easy but DURING THE DAY?, no the camera stays in the bag. But after just a few seconds I realised the potential of the “sun through the smoke” shots and unpacked the camera asap. On tip-toes over heads through the crowd I managed to grab some interesting shots. And before the smoke engulfed EVERYTHING I also stole a nice “blue sky firework” shot, which I thought was also quite unusual. It was a very unusual scene.

P.S. 😉 I’m sure the first picture is how many people think London looks every day of the year, covered in unbelievably thick fog 😉

Let me know what you think!

Smoke ScreenSmoke ScreenSmoke Screen

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CameraCanon EOS 40D - Various @ 135mm with a Polariser Filter



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