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Into the Bamboo

Sorry for being away for a few days with little commentary or responses to comments but I have been a little busy with a little project which has seen an album and very ambitions limited edition release a reality 😉 Anyway enough of that back to photos.

Moving away from Tokyo… what a place… and onto Kyoto, with truly breathtaking and unexpected sights. A city much bigger, diverse and contrastingly richer than I expected. A city of modern architecture, ancient rituals, proud people and historic buildings. A city that provides more than than any visitor can possibly take-in during such a short visit there, even more so, to a “photographer “, who might see the potential for a photo on every vista, alleyway or dark and dank corner. Add to this the season of cherry blossoms, spring parties, Gaishers and gardens and you have a cocktail of experiences, memories and views that are almost impossible to depict is a succinct and edited series of photos to post to a site like this.

Kyoto, quite simply is Amazing. Amazing in a different way to Tokyo but in equal if not surpassed terms. An utterly unique experience that could never be forgotten.

This photo is of the smaller bamboo groves just outside Kyoto. Small, in relative terms as far as Japan is concerned but simply huge and amazing to me (us) the humble western. The Sound of these huge, huge, huge, bamboo clattering into each other in the wind is fantastic.

Into the BambooInto the Bamboo

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CameraCanon EOS 40D - 1/40s F4 ISO-160 200mm



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