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Desrted London

Piccadilly Circus, London. Maybe not a view you often see.

I guess it’s not often that you can get totally soaked in the rain and be happy about it. But I was lucky that the rain came down even though I didn’t realise it at first. I’m aware that the wet streets provide an amazing reflective back drop to any city but having the desire to go out in such conditions is very difficult, lucky for me then that it only stared pouring with rain after I arrived 😉

And despite my title the streets were far from deserted, in fact they were totally packed with people trying to avoid the rain.

I discovered a neat little program yesterday that allows me to export EXIF info from one photo and import into another. PhotoInfEx is a great tool with a good interface, 35 pounds to register might be a bit steep for a tool tat only does EXIF but it works flawlessly.

Desrted London

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CameraCanon EOS 40D
Exposure10mm / f/22.6 (0 EV) / 1/2s / ISO 100



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