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The Whirling of Spirits

Yesterday’s image was the precursor to this one, it gives some perspective on this abstract three image series (I will also post more from this abstract series afterwards.)

This ride was simply amazing to photograph, I think I spent 50 or more minutes just taking pictures of this one object. The lights and lines it produced for light-trail/abstract images were perfect and it even had two colour modes, red and yellow. Some yellow shots will follow.

I had perfect conditions and an absolutely perfect lens for the job, the 85mm prime lens was perfect in zoom distance, aperture (f16 minimum), clarity and saturation (no post processing/correction has been done to these images at all). There was only one problem, I got so many pictures that I liked, it was very difficult to trim it down to decent number that I could post. In the end I got them down to 6, but it could have easily been 8 or 10 or more. I hope you like them. It’s hard to pick a favourite don’t you agree?

Oh and the last one of this set has “wavey” lines, this was achieved by tapping the camera during the exposure. 😉

Have a good weekend. Oh and happy birthday to me… for tomorrow 😉

The Whirling of SpiritsThe Whirling of SpiritsThe Whirling of Spirits

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CameraCanon EOS 40D
Exposure85mm / f/16 (1.33 EV) / 2s / ISO 10085mm / f/16 (1.33 EV) / 16/10s / ISO 10085mm / f/11 (0.67 EV) / 13/10s / ISO 100



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