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Walking in a field of dreams

It’s Wednesday already… wow
Things are a little hectic at the moment, what with work, the garden (coming along but a long way to go), music projects and a new album in the making… man I bite of more than I can chew 🙂 I wish I could dedicate my life to creative pursuits with enough money to keep the family with a roof over it’s head and pants on it’s back side 🙂 Ahhh maybe one day !! 🙂

Until then I will have to make do with gorgeous scenary such as this and very little sleep :-))

Thanks to everyone for their comments, I will be doing a major stream catch-up session today ! 🙂

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Walking in a field of dreams

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Camera Canon EOS 40D
LensEF100mm f/2.8 Macro USM
Exposureƒ/2.8 / 100mm / 1/320s / ISO 160



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