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The Passers by

Hello… While I haven’t posted here for a while I have still been busy taking and making images it had just become much easier to take, process and post images to Instagram. Lazy. I know. While I nave been continually taking pictures with larger cameras they just seem to sit on my hard drive.

Fast forward to 2016, a new location, a new country, a new life and time to rejuvenate the proper world of image taking and processing. It is always so much better than what can be done with Instagram (as good as it is). So the best starting position seemed to be to finally update the web site. While I realise that the visitors to this site are now gone and unlikely to return in any numbers, I feel it has a more personal feeling than the social networks of our time who ultimately are just feeding off of our work to earn advertising and favour for themselves. I wonder in coming years if more people will return to private blogs and sites, it seems unlikely but I hope it is so.

So we begin with this… an MG classic !!! 🙂 … and in coming weeks I will scan through all of those archives that have gone un-uploaded, unimagined, unprocessed.

PS. I hope you like the new site. (although I do feel I am talking to myself :-))

The Passers By

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CameraCanon EOS 40D
LensEF70-200mm f4L IS USM +1.4x
Exposuref5.6 / 280mm / 1/125s / ISO 500



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