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Song for Summer

I got this shot this week, during the day it was raining, then sunny, the raining again, etc. These can be good conditions for a good sunset but it is always hit and miss. I went out on the bike, forgot the tripod mount, messed around with mounting a new Gopro to the bike… cut a long story short… I was late. As I arrived it started to chuck it down, I didn’t have any rain covers and was just wearing shorts and t-shirt. In the end I managed to get 2 usable shots including this one. I tried to capture a “behind the scenes” video of the journey and process including a timelapse of the moment. What I didn’t know at this point, which is probably obvious to me now, if the water proof housing is on (that was lucky actually) then the microphone is almost useless… so the footage is pretty much useless, including the time lapses because the rain was so heavy that after a few minutes you could virtually see nothing through the lens any more. Anyhow, the video was a failure but I hope you like this pic (if a bit grainy).
Song for Summer

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Hello, My name is Aaron Pegram. I’m not sure if our wives have actually met through the Dresden International Group but she loves your photos. So do I! With your permission, I would like to ask if I can occasionally share your photos on my Facebook business page… with proper credit as you would like it. I am a singer at the Semperoper Dresden and I would love to share photos from a local artists in my posts. Would that be alright? Thank you for your artistry and time.

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CameraSony A7R Mk 2
LensSony 10-18mm f4 OSS
Exposure22mm / 0.5s / F9 / ISO-100



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