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The Ray of Light

From the “Beauty and Light” series… this is a shot of the amazing autumn sky over the Yenidze “Mosque” in Dresden, the cupola of which is an amazing red glass structure which “glows” in the evening sun. This building is in fact, less “grand”, a former cigarette factory of which was built in 1909 for Hugo Zietz by architect Martin Hammitzsch. The “Yenidze Tobacco and Cigarette Factory” is so called because the company imported tobacco from Ottoman Yenidze, Thrace (modern Genisea, Greece). While it was intended to resemble a mosque it never has been one and is currently an office building.

The Ray of Light

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CameraSony A7R mk 2
LensFE 24-240mm
Exposure61mm / f7.1 / 1/200s / ISO-100



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