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Year: 2017

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The Orange Tree

Something slight different from me today… let me know what you think. A sunrise over the Zwinger palace in Dresden.

Pink Over The Elbe

An early start sometimes gives a view like this over the Elbe in Dresden.

A Time Before

There are many beautiful views to be found in the relatively small city of Dresden, this is among the best...

Ministry of Sunrise

This morning’s sunrise was a grey misty affair with cloud so thick that it was covering the steeples of the...

Drama on the Terrace

Drama at sunrise on the “Terrace of Europe”, Dresden.

King Slayer

As you may know this is one of my favourite places ever! The crown gate in Dresden. Kings would ride...

Watching the World Go By

In Dresden everything is relaxed, so relaxed. No keep of the grass signs in this palace, just openness, friendliness and...

The Pink Corner

A pink corner of town at sunrise, actually this is Brühl’s Terrace which faces north and is only empty at...

The Perfect Morning Stroll

Just after sunrise in Dresden is a wonderful time.

Life in The City

This scene, believe it or not, is directly in the city centre of Dresden, a beautiful place only a few...

The Police Station and the Castle

On the corner of the police station, in itself a beautiful building, a great shot of the castle can be...

In the Morning Sky

The almost silhouette of the Dresden skyline at sunrise, it always looks beautiful but with the right light it is...

Beer O’clock

A beautiful shot from back in march when the light was just fantastic.

Pink Light Fantastic

Summer sunrise over the Theaterplatz in the old town of Dresden, sitting between the main place, the cathedral and opera...

Sleepy Streets

Dresden old town before sunrise.

Kings Queens Wars and Persistence

Sunset over the Dresden Cityscape.

Beauty Watching Over Beauty

The beautiful sandstone carved figures in the Zwinger must number in their 1000s, all of have restored in the last...

Afternoon Bliss

The Lives of Others

A small glimpse of what others were doing at 6:00am in the morning.

When the clock strikes

From a few days ago after sunrise… unfortunately this place only opens at 5:30am (this shot was taken at 5:38am)...

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