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Balls of Fire

The amazing skyline of Shanghai at sunrise… its a wonderful place, quite strange compared to many other places in China,...

No More Lost

Afternoon Walks

Sunrise Snow and Serenity

They say all good things come in threes, it this proof of that? what other good things come in threes?...

Sheltering from the Rain

An extremely beautiful part of China is also pretty wet and also a tourist hot spot but it doesn’t matter...

A Moment of Silence

Gamma Rays

A sunrise over Shanghai’s vast and beautiful forest of skyscrapers. If you have a bucket list and this city os...

Sugar Coated Loveliness

Sugar coated rooftops over Dresden’s Neustadt ! I hope you enjoy the view !

Sundial Sunrise

A sunrise over the Zwinger palace in Dresden together with a nice little reflection from the nameplate of an old sundial plinth which is no longer there. Or at least I think its an old sundial…...

Grand Sunset

On Saturday I think almost all of Germany had a wonderful sunset, here was my view over the gothic castle...

Sunrise Snow

I can t get enough of the snow over the beautiful city of Dresden… but sadly all the snow has...

Pretty in Pink

A wonderful world of pink, a beautiful sunset over the valley, the snow is so nice even if it is melting away !

City in White

Blanket over the Church

Above the Snow

Over the Rooftops

Gift Wrapped

A Gift Wrapped Frauenkirche

Striezelmarkt Extravaganza

Today is the final day of the Striezelmarkt, the oldest Christmas Market in the world but just for another year. I hope you enjoyed my photos from this beautiful city over the Christmas period and some...

On the 4th advent

It is almost time for this beautiful place to rest for another year but there is still one day to...

Christmas Wonderland

WOW… actually I don’t think I am supposed to say that about my own photos 🙂 but you really have...

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