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Returning What Was Lost

The Famous view of the Augustus Bridge in Dresden, built around 1910.

When the heavens open

The old Tobacco factory in Dresden, Germany

Adored by the Masters

From the North Bank of the Elbe.

The Ray of Light

From the “Beauty and Light” series… this is a shot of the amazing autumn sky over the Yenidze “Mosque” in...

Dresden Beauty and Light

The start of series of images made in Dresden October 2016.

Preiswert und schnell

A layered combination of 3 8 second exposures. It was raining hard and very busy due to the unification celebrations in Dresden and the fact that 5 trams lines had been diverted to a single stop...

Fire Sky Dresden

Sky Over Dresden

Bunte Republik Neustadt

Bunte Republik Neustadt translates as “Colourful Republic of New Town” was begun as an “independent state” of Dresden. Much like...

A Feeling of Warmth

That feeling of warmth that Dresden brings. An indescribable village feeling in a medium sized city of active and outdoor loving people.

Smole and Mirrors

Reflected building works in the East End of London.

Four Light

Song for Summer

I got this shot this week, during the day it was raining, then sunny, the raining again, etc. These can be good conditions for a good sunset but it is always hit and miss. I went...

Number One Door

A beautiful old wall and door in Bautzen, Saxony, Germany. Bautzen is an “up and coming” town and has under...

The Imperfect Pearl

The Baroque (German, Barock) old town of Dresden at sunset. The term Baroque is thought be be derived from the...

Walk of History

Historical Dresden

The Colour Match

Goerliz near Dresden Germany

Top of The World

A Long Way Up

The cable car to the Zugspitze.


A fantastic view over the lake in Bavaria.

A Meeting of Two Minds

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