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The Fairytale Scene

Moritzburg Hunting Castle at Sunrise. This castle is huge, built on a man made lake, just to make it look...

Dinner Date in the Square

Dresden Old Town.

The Hot Seat

Reflected Grandeur

One of my favourite place in Dresden, the opulent Zwinger which has been so magnificently restored over recent years. The...

Through Rose Tinted Glasses

Dresden through the roses. Taken on iPhone. I don’t post much from my iPhone anymore but I thought this one...

Silent Moments

A seldom empty scene, with the Frauen Kirche in the background and the Stallhof to the right, this is one of the most busy sightseeing streets in the old town. However at 6am in the summer...

Three Cranes

The three cranes of Poplar Docks. What was a fairly industrial area is now being built on every square centimetre,...

Thames Sunset

An afternoon along the Thames is a great way to spend time…

A Beautiful Corner

Dresden Old Town just after Sunrise.

Cinematic London

London’s Jubilee Bridge and St Paul’s at sunset.

Flight Over St Pauls

A bird soars over the dome of St Paul’s Cathedral.

Absolute Bliss

Dresden Old Town at Sunrise… just magnificent.

Always with You

This shot is proof that you have to be out there taking shots first and foremost… this shot was unexpected...

Between the Columns

Summer Begins

Overlooking the Baroque centre of Dresden with a beautiful sunrise as Summer begins…

Golden Palace

A golden sunrise moment

Beauty Personified

The beauty of the new against the beauty of the old. Dresden, a wonderful city.


I thought this week is turning into a bit of a reflection fest so I thought why not continue it. Oh and if the English speakers are wondering what the title means… it means Mega Boobs...

Joining the Circle

The Rakotz bridge in Saxony, Germany. A weird, isolated, strange and wonderful place.

Walk Through History

Dresden Old Town reflected in the River Elbe.

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