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Nacht Bahn

Dresden Neustat, Bautzner Starsse, Albertplatz at night…

Disco Balls of Spring

Sun through the grass in the Dresden Heide.

Dresden Streaks Past

Dresden city centre at sunset as a tram goes by. 6 second exposure.

Calling The Steak House

London, not far from Piccadilly Circus. Don;t be put off by bad weather in London for photography. Just go out...

Schlossplatz Love

Dresden Germany

Frozen Dreams

Snow in Alternberg, Germany. Love this place.

Winter Wander Weg

Adding a couple of images that I forgot to post that were taken in January this year in Alternberg, Germany....

Keeping Guard

Silhouetted statues on the roof tops of Dresden’s art gallery.

Gas WT 100

The art of street signs… I love these, great colour, great patina.

Bygone Elegance

A shot taken in Bautzen, a small town on the River Spree situated about 50 km (31 mi) east of...

A Story Often Lost

A shot taken in Bautzen, a small town on the River Spree situated about 50 km (31 mi) east of...

Dreaming of Vinyl

Morning History

An early morning in the centre of Dresden which is usually full with people. Some of the buildings you see...

Spring Begins

A bike ride to the Elbe at sunset. The sky was not exactly great but I thought I would use...

Journey Into The Sunset

One of my favourites from Dresden main station, not entirely sure why but I love the contrast, the silhouette, colours and the structures involved.

When Life is Too Real

The national flower of South Africa.

Palais in the Park (Spring)

Palais in the Park is actually the Summer Palais in the Grosse Garten in the centre of Dresden. Taken last...

Drowning in a Sea of Nature

Taken recently in a local park. The Bokeh provided by this lens Zeiss 55mm f1.8 is amazing. After looking at this image for a week or so I felt it was a little bit flat… If...

The Untold Story

This door was found in Goerliz, Germany on the Polish Border at the furthest eastern part of the “new” Germany....

Does Decay Know You Are There?

The beauty of decay… I have always loved how things naturally decay, particularly those things that go unnoticed. These days...

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