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The Dangerous Game

Walking and testing, a dangerous game

Afternoon Down Pour

Breakfast with St Paul

An early morning at Paternoster Square, London.

5am with Charles

The Charles Bridge at 4:56 to be exact. It is such a beautiful place but at this time it is...

Facing South

Söll, Austria. It is fairly dark here but not exactly ideal, and in addition it was almost a full moon...

Living a Dream

Good morning Dresden… a wonderful sunset over the city, such a great colour in the sky.

Sun Worship

Beauty of Baroque

Old Town Mornings

Bridge of Dreams

The Dark Side

London waits for nobody

London waits for nobody. This is exactly how it feels to stand still and watch London pass you by. This is one of my favourite spots, one that I don’t normally seen shot, or never seen....

Light Speed London (Episode IV)

In complete deliberate contrast to yesterday serene and pastel beauty of a quiet sunrise, TO THIS. Anything but quiet, anything...

When You Were Sleeping

A fabulous sunset

When The Sun Rises in the East

Captured at Sunrise along the Elbe in Dresden, it was a most beautiful sky that at its height was incredibly intense almost 360 degrees around me. I will definitely be going back for more of these...

Standing Tall

The Blue Wonder Bridge to the East of Dresden, at some point in its life one of the biggest of...

Urban Royalty

Best Cab Ride Ever

After hailing the cab in yesterdays image, we took The Best Cab Ride Ever.

Hailing a Cab

Hailing a cab in London at the weekend at St. Pauls in the city centre of London.

A Dream in Colour

Shot on my iPhone this morning while capturing the magnificent sunrise over the Blue Wonder bridge.

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