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Beauty Personified

The beauty of the new against the beauty of the old. Dresden, a wonderful city.


I thought this week is turning into a bit of a reflection fest so I thought why not continue it....

Walk Through History

Dresden Old Town reflected in the River Elbe.

Morning Glow

Sunrises are getting earlier the closer we get to June… but the glows are still amazing.

Arch Rivals

Through the arch of the Zwinger Palace. In the arches are King Johan on the left and the tower of...

Watching Over Us

Dresden is full of surprises, relaxed and sublime.

The Crown Gate

The Amazing Crown Gate of the Dresden Zwinger Palace, Old town Dresden.

When Day Turns to Night

The Onlooker

Without a Doubt

Without a doubt one of the best sunrises I have ever seen.

Looking Through The Mirror

“The Mirror” building in Hamburg.

Kings Landing

Sunrise on the terrace above the Zwinger in Dresden. This palace was used by Disney as the basis for Cinderella’s...

When Spring Becomes Summer

Sunset over the city centre as the evenings become warmer and Spring finally starts to look like Summer.

Travelling Through Time


Vintage Baroque

Castle Flare

A magnificent sunrise at Castle Moritzburg, Dresden.

A Tight Squeeze

The Academy of Fine Arts, Dresden. The roof this building is fantastic, rally just like a juice squeezer ! 🙂

A Street Corner Named Desire

Dresden’s street corners are are definitely named desire. Another one of my favourite views of this city at sunrise. Expect...

Warehouse City

Warehouse City[/caption]Hamburg’s “Speicherstadt”, Warehouse City.

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