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Number One Door

A beautiful old wall and door in Bautzen, Saxony, Germany. Bautzen is an “up and coming” town and has under...

A Story Often Lost

A shot taken in Bautzen, a small town on the River Spree situated about 50 km (31 mi) east of...

The Untold Story

This door was found in Goerliz, Germany on the Polish Border at the furthest eastern part of the “new” Germany....

Does Decay Know You Are There?

The beauty of decay… I have always loved how things naturally decay, particularly those things that go unnoticed. These days...

Poppy Pair

Poppy seed pods.


Street Art

This weeks “streets” theme continues with more strange art from the streets of London.

Keep Britian Tidy

Fantastic irony, found on the streets of East London. 😉

South East Ten

See red, shoot it, that’s how the old photographers saying goes. Worth remembering sometimes 😉

Stair Well Study

A study of a neglected stairwell at the Barbican Centre, London.

Jenny Sharp

Walk of Fear

Dining Out

I like how this one turned out. There is quite a lot of post processing involved to change the contrast,...


The shutters of an abandoned blacksmiths, Alttolkewitz, Laubegast, Dresden.

Little Big


Paint n Becks

Not Posh n Becks, Paint n Becks, genius 🙂 how witty am I, you don’t come across wit like this...

Old No 7

I don’t remember precisely where I was when I discovered Old No7 but I know it was somewhere in the...


Last year I started something called “Best of the Rest” which was a rummage through all of the images I...

East London Hotel

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