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Door 70

Rap City

The window of a warehouse in Shoreditch East London. Best viewed using the “black” colour scheme.


When you notice the 4 it will be all you can concentrate on.

Lock Stock

I’m still finding my feet after recovering my hard disk so apologies to those still waiting for emails from me…...


Unhappy Vs Sad


Derelict in the evening sun. This warehouse sits where the Olympic Village will be if London wins the 2012 bid....

Tea Break

Ahhhh the Lomo. It?s all a bit of a mystery really, a little automatic film camera from Russia with weird...

Bankside 2


Bankside, below tide level, taken from the shoreline of the River Thames at low tide. Tomorrow?s picture will give a...

River Chains

This picture was taken on the Thames when the tide was out, the chains are part of the “Bankside” moorings....

Door Entry

Christmas shopping has kicked in… groan… (actually I don;t mind it too much) which means taking photos (and processing photos)...

Behind the Green Door

Taken on Fournier Street in the East End of London, most would say this door has seen betters days, I...

Tiles, Paint and Stencils

Pubs in the East End of London used be tiled on the outside, quite often a Victorian bottle green colour,...


Although cobbled streets are traditionally associated with London most of London has long since been tarmac?d over. However in the...

Picnic Area

Lunch anyone?

A Desperate Cry

A corner of a wall in Shoreditch, East London. Stencil graffiti is strangely powerful, often far more thought provoking than...


I saw this while walking past some derelict buildings on a main road. They are illegal billboard posters pasted one...

Brighton Rock

The final pair of pictures in this series. These depict just some of the erosion seen throughout Brighton and especially...

I?ll do it next wee

Of course it will never get done.

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