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Facing South

Söll, Austria. It is fairly dark here but not exactly ideal, and in addition it was almost a full moon...

When You Were Sleeping

A fabulous sunset

When The Sun Rises in the East

Captured at Sunrise along the Elbe in Dresden, it was a most beautiful sky that at its height was incredibly...

A Dream in Colour

Shot on my iPhone this morning while capturing the magnificent sunrise over the Blue Wonder bridge.

Pastel City

The Lone Walker

A walker in the snow at sunset in Altenberg, Germany.

Snowboard Sunset

The English Castle

“The English Castle” is actually called Schloss Eckberg built by an English merchant between 1859 and 1861 on the Eckberk...

Chocolate Box Dresden

Dresden is a wonderfully picturesque city, this shot just proves that… the title refers to this being the sort of...

Two Blue Wonders

One of the most amazing views over the East Side of Dresden from the Schwebebahn (suspension railway). Its actually closed...

Castle View

Two of the three castles over looking the river Elbe in Dresden Germany.

Base Camp

Dresden has some smallish mountains just to its south on the border to the Czech Republic and it means skiing...

Pre Christmas Sundown

Today’s sunset on the 23rd of December !

The Waters Edge

The Life Beneath

The Violent Sky

On the hills just outside Dresden on a stormy sunset evening.

An autumn view of the Japanese Palais in Dresden, Germany

Adored by the Masters

From the North Bank of the Elbe.

The Ray of Light

From the “Beauty and Light” series… this is a shot of the amazing autumn sky over the Yenidze “Mosque” in...

Top of The World

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