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The Mirrored Walker

Flooded with Light

Light flooding through the huge windows of the main train station in Dresden, Germany.

Alone in the Dark

Four Square

How it used to be

Yosemite falls, Yosemite National Park California. Flows only during the winter months November-July. Yosemite Falls, one of the world’s tallest,...

Vulnerable or Defiant?

Do you see Vulnerability or Defiance? Today is officially something different Friday? 🙂 So something different from me. I would...

Thoughts or Tears?

Deep in thought or full of tears? and TFI Friday :-)))

In my hands I hold wisdom, strength, and compassion from the heart

Today is officially “shot something different Friday”, so this is my contribution 🙂 (a little bit cheeky I know but...

Victim or Predator?

Do you see a victim or a predator?


Watch With Mother

Autumn Walk

From Under a Cherry Tree

Here I am combining several things, mainly, HDR (RAW), Fisheye and heavy monochrome conversion. I guess that not all three...

Structured Programming

The structure of the main station in Dresden captured with a fisheye lens.

Economic Drive

This capture from “Bank” in the City of London, shows an “Economic” lorry going past the one of the largest...

Deserted Seating

The ferry to Miyajima Island (close to Hiroshima) was unusually empty.

The Face of a Proud Man

Which Floor

This elevator in a 13th floor building in Tokyo was often so packed the doors could not close. I was...

Victorian Man

I thought the shadowy figure in the foreground of this image looked like a man from Victorian times with the...

It’s not as bad as you think it is

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