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Blair Witch

The technique here is probably quite obvious and I’m sure you have seem it before, it certainly is not unique...

Sinister Woods

Did something bad happen here? Another in this series of black and white landscapes, the series will continue this week…...

Life Stories

We are conditioned to respect our elders, since we were very very young it is something that we have to...

Forgotten Memories

When the mist clears and the cold retreats the children will be back to this old majestic oak to build...

Emerging Figures

The scene is set, the old fence the fog a deserted location, bliss… and then two figures emerge from the...

Silent Dawn

As we begin, what always seems like a very long wait for the spring, it’s hard to find inspiration in...

Tube Abstract

An abstract taken on a tube train.

Through the Gap

Looking through some buildings in Shoreditch at the Gherkin in the city of London.

Over Your Shoulder

Welcome to 2008. Happy New Year! Firstly thanks to everybody who visited here last year, and of course all of...

Inside City Hall

London’s new “Millennium” City Hall is a strange building from both outside and inside. The staircase from the viewing gallery...

London Falls Silent

Three colour variations on this scene which is far more dramatic in monochrome. The problem is that I can’t decide...

Reading and Eating

Into The Shadows

A man enters Canary Wharf Tube Station on a sunny day.

Yo Yo Yo

A sushi bar in Piccadilly Circus London


3 Stems


Heads and Feet

Taken on the underground in Berlin, the U-Bahn. It runs all night, not like our poor excuse for a “metropolitan...

Expo View

A view of the the Tagus river and The Vasco da Gama Bridge, Lisbon, taken from the modern Expo (98)...

A View to Die For

Let me apologise for the lack of new posts here last week. Two reasons are to blame, firstly I was...

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