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Facing South

Söll, Austria. It is fairly dark here but not exactly ideal, and in addition it was almost a full moon...

London waits for nobody

London waits for nobody. This is exactly how it feels to stand still and watch London pass you by. This...

Light Speed London (Episode IV)

In complete deliberate contrast to yesterday serene and pastel beauty of a quiet sunrise, TO THIS. Anything but quiet, anything...

Best Cab Ride Ever

After hailing the cab in yesterdays image, we took The Best Cab Ride Ever.

Hailing a Cab

Hailing a cab in London at the weekend at St. Pauls in the city centre of London.

Happy New Year from Dresden

New Year in Dresden is a wonder of hundreds and hundreds smaller firework display and private events that continues at...

The Light of Night

Nacht Bahn

Dresden Neustat, Bautzner Starsse, Albertplatz at night…

Calling The Steak House

London, not far from Piccadilly Circus. Don;t be put off by bad weather in London for photography. Just go out...

Not Alone On The Streets

Elbe Licht

A view across the river Elbe, Dresden, Germany.

The City for Lovers

From a recent visit to Paris, which is sometimes referred to as "The City of Lovers". Not sure why! Maybe...

Stars de Triomphe

The star of the show, centre stage, the Arc De Triomphe, at the end of the Champs-Élysées, Paris.

Light Speed London

Taken on London Bridge.

Old London

From my almost summery last shot to this one… what a contrast. 😉 This was the scene from my doorstep...

Scarlet London

Red London. Actually you can’t get more typical London than this… a red telephone box and RAIN :-).

Light Speed London (Pt 1)

Time travel over London Bridge.

London Nights

A typical London night at the moment is wet and cold but the beauty of the city still shines through....

The Waking of Spirits

Since the last images and these ones I’m a year older and less than a year wiser 😉 Still, I...

The Whirling of Spirits

Yesterday’s image was the precursor to this one, it gives some perspective on this abstract three image series (I will...

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