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In Reflections

The Early Morning Workout

The Walker

A Moment of Silence


Sightseeing in the beautiful old quarter of Shanghai, in the Yu gardens. A simply beautiful and tranquil place.

Lanterns in the Rain

Making the most of the bad weather in Yangshuo, China, it gave me the opportunity to sit in a puddle...

Into The Unknown

The amazing hills of Guilin China seen from the Taohua river, a tributary of the Lijiang River. The landscape here...

Casual Afternoons

Just before sunset just 2 weeks ago when it was still warm enough in the afternoons to sit in the...

Waiting for the Weekend

Waiting for the sun to rise over another weekend. Have a great one everybody.

Essence of Stadtfest

The atmosphere across the city during Stadtfest (City Festival) is fantastic, so relaxed and so friendly. This view sums up...

Baroque Wonderland

A family walks through The Crown Gate just after sunrise in the Zwinger Palace, Dresden.

Sunrise on The Terrace

A view at sunrise watching over Cinderellas palace and Dresden’s city centre castle.

Fields of Green

The meadows (or flood plains) of Dresden are fairly well known and at one point in time were the reason...

Halo of Light

A halo of light in front of the church, Dresden. I have been planning tis shot for over 6 months...

Golden Palace

A golden glow behind Cinderella’s Palace (Zwinger) in Dresden.

Afternoon Stroll

An afternoon walk through the Großer Garten, Dresden. That later winter light from the low lying sun creates wonderful light...

Dreaming of Spring

Dresdener Frühlig im Palais at the Summer Palais, Grosser Garten, Dresden.

Nothing Could Be Better

A beautiful location for a freezing cold sunrise over Dresden.

The Three Domes

Watching the sunrise… 2 famous domes and 1 not so !

Street Love

A couple take pictures on the streets of romantic Paris. Taken during a recent 24hour trip to Paris.

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