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Dog Walking

Walking the dog all in Pink ! on the south bank of the Thames, London.

End of Summer Chill

Yesterday’s sunset on the banks of the Elbe in Dresden. This “sit on the grass” evening might be the last...

The Perfect Morning Stroll

Just after sunrise in Dresden is a wonderful time.

Life in The City

This scene, believe it or not, is directly in the city centre of Dresden, a beautiful place only a few...

Beer O’clock

A beautiful shot from back in march when the light was just fantastic.

Afternoon Bliss

Where Kings Once Rode

This wonderful view is from the old town of Dresden. It not so often seen from photographers because over my...

A Night at the Tower

An evening walk along the Thames is London no matter the weather is always an interesting place full with people...

Cinematic London

London’s Jubilee Bridge and St Paul’s at sunset.

Always with You

This shot is proof that you have to be out there taking shots first and foremost… this shot was unexpected...

Between the Columns


I thought this week is turning into a bit of a reflection fest so I thought why not continue it....

Joining the Circle

The Rakotz bridge in Saxony, Germany. A weird, isolated, strange and wonderful place.

Riding into the Weekend

Watching Over Us

Dresden is full of surprises, relaxed and sublime.

Travelling Through Time

A Tight Squeeze

The Academy of Fine Arts, Dresden. The roof this building is fantastic, rally just like a juice squeezer ! 🙂

Waiting for the Lights

Just after sunset the photographers wait for that classic moment when the lights are switched on.

Romance in the Air

Such a romantic destination. The pavilion by the Elbe.

Sunrise Halo

That lens flare is to die for 🙂

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