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Winter’s Web

A spider tries to catch its last supper before winter hibernation.

Autumn Hues

The colours of Autumn, shot a few days a go in my garden. The Acer is still holding on for...

Where Oceans Meet

The Cape of Good Hope, South Africa. The land you see in the background is the actual Cape and despite...

Vulnerable or Defiant?

Do you see Vulnerability or Defiance? Today is officially something different Friday? 🙂 So something different from me. I would...

Victim or Predator?

Do you see a victim or a predator?

The Sun WIll Always Prevail

Forest bokeh from the trees in Alenburg, Germany. These golden bokeh balls are created by the melting snow on the...

Red Green Blue

This one made it Flickr’s “Explore” top 500 yesterday.

Scarlet London

Red London. Actually you can’t get more typical London than this… a red telephone box and RAIN :-).

A Study in Scarlet

This image achieved picture of the day yesterday int he Flicker group The Flower Book. It almost feels like a...

Happy New Year

Hi all, Happy New Year everyone, this will be my last post until next year. I’m off to Germany for...

Frosted Colours of Winter

I found this beauty in the park near me on my way to work last week. I love the colours...

Last Bloom of the Year (2)

That little confused flower again 😉

Last Bloom of the Year

This flower really is still blooming in my garden here in London.

Desrted London

Piccadilly Circus, London. Maybe not a view you often see. I guess it’s not often that you can get totally...

The Root of All Evil

I live just five minutes away from this place, the second financial capital of London. And at the moment it’s...


As I sit and ponder this image… I can’t think of a title the befits it’s grandeur. So it is...

In the Freezer

Red vs Blue

I like this image… I don’t always say that about my own pictures, although I rarely post a picture that...

Alleyways and Pathways

A small dark alleyway I discovered after a rainstorm the other evening. The reflection in the puddle caught my eye,...

Passing Moment

I struggled with this image. When I first took it and viewed it on the camera I liked it, when...

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