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Without a Second Thought

Dresden: I’m here with my girls, and I lit and them very very very much.


Vulnerable or Defiant?

Do you see Vulnerability or Defiance? Today is officially something different Friday? 🙂 So something different from me. I would...

Thoughts or Tears?

Deep in thought or full of tears? and TFI Friday :-)))

In my hands I hold wisdom, strength, and compassion from the heart

Today is officially “shot something different Friday”, so this is my contribution 🙂 (a little bit cheeky I know but...

Victim or Predator?

Do you see a victim or a predator?

The Cold Stare 2

The Cold Stare

Himeji Bride

Glamourous Geshia of Gion

The attention to detail and effort that goes into the traditional Geshia kimonos is amazing to see. The fabric alone...

The Face of a Proud Man

Happy Hanami

Hanmai is the Japanese word for Cherry Blossom Party (which I will post more pictures of soon) and is a...

Thought So



Ich liebe sie

My addiction.

If I Just Sit Here

Looking Ahead

A happy new year to everyone who visits here. I wish you all well for 2007 and I hope all...

Happy Birthday

What with site and Internet outages and me having to prepare and move this site to a new host, I...

Close and Far

Tom and Abbie

I Love You

Update: I have updated the image to remove the two hairs as mentioned in the comments.

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