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The Dark Side

London waits for nobody

London waits for nobody. This is exactly how it feels to stand still and watch London pass you by. This...

When The Sun Rises in the East

Captured at Sunrise along the Elbe in Dresden, it was a most beautiful sky that at its height was incredibly...

The Boat Ride

The Blue Wander bridge take from the deck of a steam ship on the River Elbe.

Calling The Steak House

London, not far from Piccadilly Circus. Don;t be put off by bad weather in London for photography. Just go out...

Spring Begins

A bike ride to the Elbe at sunset. The sky was not exactly great but I thought I would use...

Palais in the Park (Spring)

Palais in the Park is actually the Summer Palais in the Grosse Garten in the centre of Dresden. Taken last...

The Mirrored Walker

London Nights

A typical London night at the moment is wet and cold but the beauty of the city still shines through....

Waiting in the Rain

People waiting for a show in the rain, Piccadilly Circus, London.

Leaves in Water

In the gardens of the Charlottenburg Palace Berlin.

Grid Play

Taken in Berlin, Germany. This is the reflection of many different buildings in the glass side of another.

If I Just Sit Here

Seeing Beyond

Reflect Not

A chrome bauble taken hand-held with a ring flash and a 50mm macro lens.

Exit Stage Right

Reflections overlooking Liverpool Street station.

Light Fantastic

The last shot in this series (until I make another visit to this location). As you can see — and...

Cold Reality

So many reflections it’s hard to work out where to look. The longer you look the more you see. This...

Man Made Mirror

The next three images are night shots taken from the same location. This location astonishes me I hope you can...

Star Fight

A new vantage point across the Thames has been born with new “apartment” block developments on the Isle of Dogs....

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