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Arch Rivals

Through the arch of the Zwinger Palace. In the arches are King Johan on the left and the tower of...

The Onlooker

Kings Landing

Sunrise on the terrace above the Zwinger in Dresden. This palace was used by Disney as the basis for Cinderella’s...


Hopes and Dreams

This is one of the best sunrises I have ever experienced… I was struggling to get the shutter speed down...

Red Riding Hood

The Day The Aliens Landed

Keep Calm And Carry On

Being a regular photographer at this bridge and regularly standing with my back to the traffic in the road, the...

Spring Through The Tower

Tower Bridge London

Sunrise Halo

That lens flare is to die for 🙂

Copper and Gold

Sunset over the roof tops of Prague.

The Towers Between the Trees

A shot from this mornings sunrise over Dresden, Germany. Spring has sprung.

The Dangerous Game

Walking and testing, a dangerous game

Bridge of Dreams

The Golden Room

A slight break from the snow pics for something slightly different. This is the one of the entranceways to the...

A Feeling of Warmth

That feeling of warmth that Dresden brings. An indescribable village feeling in a medium sized city of active and outdoor...

Walk of History

Historical Dresden

Keeping Guard

Silhouetted statues on the roof tops of Dresden’s art gallery.

Alone in the Dark

The Perfect Light

Some amazing light at the main station (Hauptbarnhof) in Dresden.

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