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The Lives of Others

A small glimpse of what others were doing at 6:00am in the morning.

Game of Tones

Once in a while a sunset comes along that really makes the entire skyline glow. This was one such occasions...

Drama In The Square

A dramatic scene which is actually pretty hard to capture. Firstly a great sunrise is needed but it also needs...

Secret Garden

Drama at the Opera

Sunrise outside the famous Opera house in Dresden.

What Dreams Are Made Of

A spectacular summer sunrise over the baroque Theatre Platz in Dresden. It was around 4:40am that the sky exploded it...

A Night at the Tower

An evening walk along the Thames is London no matter the weather is always an interesting place full with people...

A Beautiful Breakfast

A beautiful sunrise breakfast on the Brühl’s Terrace, Dresden Old Town, Nicknamed “The Balcony of Europe”.

Dinner Date in the Square

Dresden Old Town.

Reflected Grandeur

One of my favourite place in Dresden, the opulent Zwinger which has been so magnificently restored over recent years. The...

Thames Sunset

An afternoon along the Thames is a great way to spend time…

A Beautiful Corner

Dresden Old Town just after Sunrise.

Cinematic London

London’s Jubilee Bridge and St Paul’s at sunset.

Flight Over St Pauls

A bird soars over the dome of St Paul’s Cathedral.

Absolute Bliss

Dresden Old Town at Sunrise… just magnificent.

Morning Glow

Sunrises are getting earlier the closer we get to June… but the glows are still amazing.

Arch Rivals

Through the arch of the Zwinger Palace. In the arches are King Johan on the left and the tower of...

Spring Sunrise

Bürhlsche Terrace, Dresden.

The Crown Gate

The Amazing Crown Gate of the Dresden Zwinger Palace, Old town Dresden.

When Day Turns to Night

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