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I thought this week is turning into a bit of a reflection fest so I thought why not continue it....

Riding into the Weekend

Arch Rivals

Through the arch of the Zwinger Palace. In the arches are King Johan on the left and the tower of...

Watching Over Us

Dresden is full of surprises, relaxed and sublime.

Without a Doubt

Without a doubt one of the best sunrises I have ever seen.

Travelling Through Time

A Tight Squeeze

The Academy of Fine Arts, Dresden. The roof this building is fantastic, rally just like a juice squeezer ! 🙂

Hopes and Dreams

This is one of the best sunrises I have ever experienced… I was struggling to get the shutter speed down...

Dream or Reality

A seldom seen side of London Docklands… the light and reflections are just amazing.

Spring Through The Tower

Tower Bridge London


Narrow Escape

Dresden’s magnificent monument, The Church of Our Ladies. This church is to Dresden what St. Paul’s is to London.


Hauptbahnhof (main station), Dresden, Germany

A Place to Stay

Cloud Speed

Sunrise over the Japanese Palais and Marien Brücke when the city sleeps.

Off Balance

Off balance, Tower bridge vs The Shard… The composition is a result of an empty night sky and a desire...

St Pauls St Pauls

The amazing St Paul’s Cathedral reflected. A luckily deserted evening for this part of London.

Imagination is so Vivid

The lights in London are simply incredible, if we couldn’t capture it nobody would believe us.

The Dangerous Game

Walking and testing, a dangerous game

Breakfast with St Paul

An early morning at Paternoster Square, London.

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