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Old Town Mornings

London waits for nobody

London waits for nobody. This is exactly how it feels to stand still and watch London pass you by. This...

Light Speed London (Episode IV)

In complete deliberate contrast to yesterday serene and pastel beauty of a quiet sunrise, TO THIS. Anything but quiet, anything...

Best Cab Ride Ever

After hailing the cab in yesterdays image, we took The Best Cab Ride Ever.

Hailing a Cab

Hailing a cab in London at the weekend at St. Pauls in the city centre of London.

The Palace at Sunrise

Finally managed to get out into Dresden Old Town for a few sunrise shots this morning.

The Light of Night

Returning What Was Lost

The Famous view of the Augustus Bridge in Dresden, built around 1910.

Preiswert und schnell

A layered combination of 3 8 second exposures. It was raining hard and very busy due to the unification celebrations...

Bunte Republik Neustadt

Bunte Republik Neustadt translates as “Colourful Republic of New Town” was begun as an “independent state” of Dresden. Much like...

A Feeling of Warmth

That feeling of warmth that Dresden brings. An indescribable village feeling in a medium sized city of active and outdoor...

Four Light

The Imperfect Pearl

The Baroque (German, Barock) old town of Dresden at sunset. The term Baroque is thought be be derived from the...

The Colour Match

Goerliz near Dresden Germany

Nacht Bahn

Dresden Neustat, Bautzner Starsse, Albertplatz at night…

Calling The Steak House

London, not far from Piccadilly Circus. Don;t be put off by bad weather in London for photography. Just go out...

Gas WT 100

The art of street signs… I love these, great colour, great patina.

Bygone Elegance

A shot taken in Bautzen, a small town on the River Spree situated about 50 km (31 mi) east of...

The Untold Story

This door was found in Goerliz, Germany on the Polish Border at the furthest eastern part of the “new” Germany....

Does Decay Know You Are There?

The beauty of decay… I have always loved how things naturally decay, particularly those things that go unnoticed. These days...

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